Program and Agenda 2014

Building a Collaborative Ecosystem for Marine Technology Research and Development in the Pacific Northwest

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2014 SESSIONS “Empowering Innovation in the Pacific NW”

Plenary Session

  • Welcome – Jeremy Childress, MTS Oregon Section Chair
  • Introduction to the Conference – John Lavrakas, Program Chair
  • Report on the Marine Science Economy in the Northwest region – Gil Sylvia (Oregon State University)
  • Report on Marine Technology in the Northwest Region – Tom Mitchell (Sea-Bird Scientific)

B1: ROVs and Submersibles – Deborah Kelley (Univ of Washington)

Marine Robotics: Planning, Decision Making, and Learning – Geoff Hollinger (OSU)
Observatory Challenges Solved: Increased capabilities, Innovative Solutions and High Operational Efficiency with the ROPOS ROV – Keith Tamburri (International Subsea Solutions)
• Cutting Edge Science Through New ROV and Submersible Capabilities– Deborah Kelley (University of Washington)
• 11km Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle – Pete Zerr (Schmidt Ocean Institute)

B2: Innovations in Data Collection, Usability, and Analysis – Wil Black (Point97)

Harnessing the power of data: How ocean communities can use cutting edge technological solutions to leap forward – Jenny Walsh and Wil Black (Point 97)
• Developing regional climatology products for the NANOOS region – Jonathan Allan (Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries)
• Linking life-long implanted satellite transmitters to nearby stationary or mobile receivers – Markus Horning (OSU Marine Mammal Institute)
Digital catch monitoring: helping fisherman gain control over their catch – Rob Terry (Smart-Catch)

B3: The State of the Oregon Marine Science Economy – Panel led by Caroline Bauman (Economic Development Alliance)

• State investments in Oregon’s marine economy – Rep David Gomberg
Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition – Dave Hunt, Director
OSU’s Marine Studies Initiative – Bob Cowen, Director, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center
MERTS program – Chris Jacobsen – Clatsop Community College

Wave and tidal energy programs in Oregon – Jason Busch, Executive Director, Oregon Wave Energy Trust

Keynote Address

  • “Promoting BlueTech and BlueTech Jobs” – Michael Jones (The Maritime Alliance), introduced by Sen Arnie Roblan (Oregon Legislature)

C1: Innovations in Ocean Observation – Ed Dever (OSU CEOAS)

• Ocean Observation in the Northeast Pacific – Ed Dever (OSU CEOAS)
• Innovations in Ship Design: Regional Class Research Vessel – Demian Bailey (OSU)
• The NE Pacific Cabled Observatory – A 24/7 Real-time Presence in the Ocean – Deborah Kelley (UW)

C2: Promoting BlueTech in Oregon – Panel led by Michael Jones (The Maritime Alliance)

• Policy – Sen Arnie Roblan (Oregon Legislature)
• Education – Bob Cowen (OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center)
Private Industry – Rick Williams (Leidos Maritime Solutions)

D1: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Eric Simpkins (AUVSI – Cascade)

• Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Oregon, and ‘How to’ Develop Projects for Maritime Applications – Eric Simpkins (Resource Stewardship Consortia)
Unmanned Systems and The Oregon Test Ranges – Brian Whiteside (VDOS Global, AUVSI – Cascade)
• Unmanned Aerial Systems used in Maritime Applications – Kyle Bisson (UAS Systems)
Applications of a Low-altitude Free-drifting Balloon System for Near-ocean Observation – Mark Williamson (Smith & Williamson, LLC)

D2: Building an Infrastructure for a Vibrant Marine Economy – Tajr Hull (NOAA Marine Operations Center)

Infrastructure requirements for ship support – Stewart Lamerdin (OSU Ship Ops)
Toledo Boatyard: Building for the Future – Bud Shoemake (Port of Toledo)
Infrastructure requirements necessary to support strong ports – Martin Callery (Oregon International Port of Coos Bay)

D3: New Sensors – Bob Collier (OSU CEOAS)

Breakthrough Technology – Automated Moored Profiling on the Oregon Shelf – John Koegler (WETLabs)
• Novel sensors in extreme environments – Deborah Kelley (Univ of Washington)
• Applications of Ultrasonic Cameras in Fisheries and Habitat Science – Waldo Wakefield (NOAA Fisheries)
• Acoustic Data & Digital Imagery from Seafloor Sensors Off the Oregon Coast – Mike Vardaro (OSU CEOAS)

Keynote Address

  • Abyssal Adventures: allowing the common man to explore ‘Inner Space’ – Rob McCallum (EYOS Expeditions)

F1: Innovations in Underwater Communications –  Andrew Ziegwied (MacArtney)

F2: Marine Renewable Energy – moderated by Belinda Batten (National Northwest Marine Renewable Energy Center)

Windfloat Pacific OSW Demonstration Project – Kevin Banister (Principle Power, Inc.)
Maritime Industry Value Chain – Capt. Rick Williams, US Navy (Ret) (Leidos Maritime Solutions)
• Open Water Testing of a Submerged Wave Energy Device – Mike Morrow (M3 Wave LLC)
• Inshore Innovations: Doing More with Less – Dr. Andy Stewart (Univ of Washington APL, NNMREC)
Hydrokinetic Energy Research in Alaska – Dr. Jeremy Kasper (Alaska Hydrokinetic Energy Research Center, NNMREC)

Plenary Session – led by Gil Sylvia (Oregon State University)

  • Where do we go from here? The way forward in the Northwest Blue Economy – collaborative session