Saghy Saeidtehrani

Development of Wave Energy Converters

Development of wave energy converters is highly dependent on the advancement of simulation tools to predict the dynamic behavior of the devices. It becomes even more important when the device is expected to operate in an array or experience rapid motions, which cause highly nonlinear dynamic response in the system. This research aims to develop a fairly accurate numerical simulation for a group of flap type wave energy converters. For this purpose, first, a numerical model was developed based on the appropriate analytical solution. Then the dynamic characteristics in simulation of wave-body interaction were extensively studied by performing free oscillation experimental and numerical simulations. Consequently, it was assessed whether the numerical model could properly simulate the observed behavior. It was noted that the behavior could be predicted much better by the model with higher order nonlinearities, which is able to consider the period dependent phenomena such as parametric, subharmonic, and superharmonic resonance that could increase the amplitude of oscillation. Sensitivity of the numerical model to different dynamic characteristics were studied and their contribution in response were simulated. Then, the forced oscillation was reproduced by the numerical tool and the results were compared with the experimental tests. The model was successfully validated against the experimental results.